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TeamSystem offerring is built on POLYEDRO

The native web platform for Professionals and Companies.

A natural evolution that improves flexibility and ease of use for each application, allowing you to work on - smartphones, tablets, notebooks.
Get everything done in less time, wherever you want.
The introduction of POLYEDRO includes the new workflow feature, an innovative tool that improves processes and supports users by guiding them, step ­by ­step, producing more fluid workflows and reducing mistakes.
POLYEDRO allows you to manage your business on the move: you can finally give more space to what really matters to you:
spending more time with customers, developing your network and growing your business.

A new environment, new tools, a new way of working. All with our usual reliability and robustness.

The innovative POLYEDRO technology confirms TeamSystem’s leadership
in Italy and its status as a benchmark in the management software industry.

Large Enterprise and Smes

ALYANTE Enterprise

ALYANTE Enterprise

Modular, flexible and fully able to evolve according to the needs of the business, ALYANTE Enterprise is the new ERP solutions benchmark for large businesses that need its solidity, reliability, completeness, ease of setup and, above all, of use. With its uniquely complete functionality, it manages all major business processes and is offered for a wide range of vertical industries. The product also stands out for its innovative collaboration, mobility and full accessibility tools: a new technology that helps businesses of all sizes and all sectors to grow.



This is the management solution dedicated to small Italian businesses. Easy to set up and use, fast and economical, it adapts perfectly to each business and facilitates information and process management. With ALYANTE Start, the advantages of an innovative technology platform finally reach the small business. ALYANTE Start supports the enterprise during its growth and development, integrating with applications able to meet the most advanced needs, thus transforming at any time into a truly sophisticated ERP system. With web access, mobile applications, collaboration tools, workflow, and the ability to use cloud infrastructure, ALYANTE Start is at the cutting edge, with the traditional solidity of TeamSystem software.

ACG Enterprise

ACG Enterprise

TeamSystem’s ERP for IBM® Power Systems. ACG is the ERP product leader in the SME market for the IBM® Power Systems platform. Its renowned robustness and functional completeness have evolved through the use of POLYEDRO technology and innovation. The product was created from this union and offers the best user experience with the new collaboration and personal productivity tools provided by POLYEDRO.

Industry Solutions

Industry Solution

Industry Solution

TeamSystem’s thirty years of experience supporting Italian enterprises has allowed us to build solutions that target specific needs of some vertical markets. Each TeamSystem industry solution is based on our deep understanding of the processes that drive the markets, for enterprises of all sizes. TeamSystem combines our expertise with the skills necessary to succeed in every industry: from manufacturing to agricultural, from construction to the environment, from retail to fashion.

Craft / Microbusiness

Danea Easyfatt

Danea Easyfatt

Danea Easyfatt is our software for billing, budgeting, inventory management, sales, purchases and payments. It integrates with LYNFA Studio. With Easyfatt, the user can send invoice data to the tax consultant directly from the management system simply and automatically. Easyfatt is also integrated with the PBX software.

Cloud Billing

Cloud Billing

Cloud Billing is a web service for artisans, freelancers, professionals and small micro- businesses that have a particular need to manage invoicing, but who lack suitably trained administrators. The accountant’s customers can manage their billing accurately and precisely, while the accountant automatically acquires the accounting records for the invoices without manual data entry. In addition, accountants scan follow their clients daily and communicate with them through a dedicated messaging service.

Also available in stand-alone Solutions


Streamlines and simplifies the activities related to mandatory electronic invoicing for Public Administration bodies. The body only needs to upload invoices to the Web Service: automatically (if the management system it uses it is capable – e.g. TeamSystem management systems – of generating the document in XML format), or through a simple web interface. All subsequent steps will be managed in full and on- time by the Web Service: approved signature, forwarding, event and outcome management, and archiving.


Our Extended Customer Relationship Management platform is the most full-featured and competitive on the market. It increases capability of managing clients, reducing costs and improving profits. Also available in an App version, this is a modular solution that can be provided in both server and SaaS forms.


The unified communications platform for Business. The simplest and most immediate way to computerise and integrate the telephone network and the management system.


A Web-based document management solution that allows the creation of a central repository of documents and information.


The innovative App that allows you to create and publish product catalogues,multimedia brochures, presentations, and press releases on your iPad.


CAD/CAM, PDM/PLM and Virtual Reality
A suite of integrated, interoperable software solutions for the management, from design, configuration, and product development and related virtualization, through production, data and information management, to management of parts programming and machining tools.


A modular, multi-enterprise system for management, planning, development, evaluation, and control of human resources and personnel.


With PowerSuite, TeamSystem enters the machining department. Our software connects the production data with ERP management solutions, integrating all departments and functions, and improving business organisation and planning.

Shared Features, Collaboration and Accessibility

Sales and Service network

TeamSystem is not just a software developer. We also contribute to the success of our customers with integrated solutions and services. Over 800 Software Partners and direct operations ensure a widespread presence throughout Italy and highly qualified care. We can develop custom solutions for businesses and professionals.

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